How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Media

An Infographic

It seems as though most small businesses understand the need to communicate through social media. However, they still have a “one size fits all”–or in this case, “one post fits all”–mentality.


When you create perfect posts on social media it’s important to tailor each communication piece to a specific audience then drill down to a specific social network. For instance, content on Linkedin will differ on Twitter on Pinterest and so on.

How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Media

Why is this important?

For starters, you will naturally increase reach and engagement by posting content that “fits” within the function of the social network such as the use of #hashtags and visual aids. Additionally, if you don’t tailor your communication, you stand to lose your social audience and, in turn, lose potential customers. So, my advice for today is: Don’t fall victim to blind posting! I found an infographic developed by My Clever Agency which outlines how to create perfect posts on social media. It provides basic guidelines for creating effective Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ content.

Here are a few highlights:


  • Be positive. Positivity is more appealing and inspiring for your fans, and it will encourage them to share your post.
  • Provide a link. Drive fans to your website. After all, your Facebook page exists to support your business.


  • Tag people. When appropriate, tag brands and people in your posts to encourage them to comment or engage with you.
  • Include large images. Don’t settle for the tiny photo that automatically appears when you include a link in a post. Upload a larger one to grab people’s attention.


  • Avoid human faces. Images without human faces get repinned 23 percent more often than images with faces.
  • Look for red. Images that are predominantly red or orange see twice as many repins as other images.


Have you found a change in the way you communicate on social media? Do you use more photos now? Have you noticed an increase/decrease in engagement when including pictures or Infographics? Click here to comment.

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  • Cody

    I found that using twitter more has boosted my blog count by alot. I have gained more readers then I thought I would have. I usually post about my content around clock. I also don’t just talk about my posts either. I try to post random things about my life as well, that way readers know that I am human. Best thing to do is to participate in twitter chats. There are TONS and they really help to gain new readers.

  • Juntae DeLane

    Hi Cody. Thanks for engaging! Twitter is, in my opinion, the best platform for to engage with people in various industries. This inforgraphic provides the foundation for creating better posts and increasing the efficacy of your social communication. Being more personable when posting (such as speaking in first person) is a start.

  • Deb Thompson

    Hi Juntae – Excellent post & thanks for sharing it with us all. So pleased to connect with you and look forward to reading more of your blog. I’m still struggling with HootSuite as I never seem to have time to learn what I need to learn – I just sort of blunder through and learn as I go! Getting better and better every week though….! Nice to meet you.

  • zannette white

    Hi Juntae- Great post and thank you for sharing the information with the ones like me who don’t know …keep up the great work and thanks for the tweet looking for to the blog….

    • Juntae DeLane

      Thanks for engaging Zannette! Come back any time :)

  • Patricia Dobine-Brewer

    Your articles are very informative and to the point. I’ve read so many others on the same subjects but clicked away when it got a little to deep for me. Keep up the good work.

  • Christopher McGown

    Thanks for this post (I love infographics). I’m surprised you passed over the Twitter card; I really believe it is foundational. That said, I’ll definitely share this resource. Thanks!

    • Juntae DeLane

      Thanks for reading Christopher! I’m looking to develop an updated article that includes Twitter card info. Best.

  • jorgepelaez

    Thanks for the infographic. I’m not sure if the schedule applies for all the languages. Will test it this week.

    • Juntae DeLane

      Sounds good. Let me know the outcome.

  • Konstantin Kostychuk

    Hi Juntae, this post is a good point of reference when scheduling your posts across various platforms and clients! Will definitely refer back to it.

    • Juntae DeLane

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Chad Franks

    Great information as always. You’re a rockstar!

    • Juntae DeLane

      Thanks Chad