June 17, 2016

Speaking Topics

I speak on topics related to social media, digital marketing, and branding. Every speech is customized to your organization’s theme or goals and available as keynote or breakout session. Some of my recent keynotes include:


Using Content Marketing with NO Budget or Resources to Build Your Digital Brand

  • How to use content to convey your brand voice
  • How to develop content for SEO
  • How to develop awesome testimonials that will enhance your “street cred”
The Do’s & Don’ts of Digital Strategy
  • What goes into digital strategy planning
  • How to use data to improve your strategy
  • Best practices for digital strategy implementation
  • Learn various ways to test your strategy
  • Case studies of businesses with great digital strategies


How Digging into the Data Will Give Your Social Marketing an Edge

This session will outline a specific data collection strategy that will supercharge your social media campaigns. Learn how data will help you communicate better with consumers and move from being reactive to predictive.


Driving Leads To Sales With Content Marketing

  • Turn your audience into customers
  • Reach the exact audience you want, while setting yourself apart from the competition
  • Discover proven ways to grow a large and loyal fan base
  • Increase your leads and paying customers